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So..we had a friendly $100 buy in tourny over the weekend..14 runners. We got down to about 7 left when the following hand occurred. I pick up JJ in early position and limp. Blinds are 500/1000. The button calls after me and both blinds come along. Flop is QQ5. It checks around. Another queen falls on the turn and the small blind immediately shoves all in! The big blind folds and it's on me. The shove has me covered. What should I do?


  1. You know we were not in the money yet as there were only 14 players we were only paying 3 spots. I had one other person to act after me. I did think he might have a AQ or KQ....but the biggest factor was that i had 30 k...30 bb....and i just figured i needed a better spot. You are definitely correct that i should have raised preflop...but since i didnt...anyone could have anything. Anyway...anyone we all folded...the guy shows J5 and is very relieved to drag the pot. He wasn't being sneaky...just stupid...but stupid works sometimes!

  2. Yeah I agree with everything the last commenter put. When he shoves the turn Q it looks like 5x, Ax, or a pocket pair like 22-77 maybe 88. I think you have to call off there with your JJ since it is very unlikely he has you beat. If he does have the last Q in the deck then gg to him. You can't play scared or try and limp into the money. Set yourself up to try and win it.

  3. Beat him into the pot.... Also, there's no sense in telling us the size of the blinds without also stating the size of your stack as well as villains. Also, (especially 7-handed) JJ is a mandatory raise pre from all positions

  4. Well...I just the end it worked out because I well. Next time though...thanks for the input!