unfair chop an unplayed hand

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Playing 2/3 No limit cash game and pre-flop players muck so the the action returns to the blinds and they agree to chop because if they see a flop then the house takes the rake and then they are playing for only one dollar so they agree to chop. So far so good, but then small blind loses his $2 and the big blind keeps all his $3 which seems unfair to me and I suggest that the unwritten rule will be to chop and the big blind pays off the small blind back with one dollar. Yeah so all you high rollers are now saying it's only a dollar but still....fair is fair. I did this when I was the big blind and 10 minutes later I suggested this when I was the small blind and the big blind got offended ....so I put in one more dollar and asked to play the hand. Any opinion on this issue? Thanks.


  1. I agree, great idea am in

  2. Why is the small blind loosing 2 dollars? If the blinds are chopping then they both should be getting the blinds back

  3. @KaGuru I'm guessing this is California or some other location where they still rake $2 even if there's no flop vs $5-6 if there is a flop.

    But seems weird they'd rake the small blind. I don't think I'd ever chop as SB under those circumstances.