You make the call

Strategy & Advice by JpMike Posted

Tournament/ level 7
I had AK off suit on the button with an average stack for the table
Raised 2x pot- 6G total
Everyone bailed except cut off who calls who also has an average stack for the table...

Flop comes QQJ
(No hint of flush)

Cut off raise pot to 12G

After a long pause- I fold.

I gave myself a 10% chance of hitting a 10 on 4th st and the river combined.
Not to mention a looming full house on his end which could have sucked me dry chasing...

After I folded he asked if I had 10's

Agree? Disagree?
What do you think he had...?


  1. Good lay down

  2. Most likely he wouldn't be raising a Q there probably had J. Would say A K 10 all live cards. Re-raise wasn't a bad play.

    He bet out not raised so I bet he had a dry J.

  3. @Gwagonkid
    Thanks for the input

  4. @PDJB19
    Thanks for the read

  5. You were beat… what he had??? At least a pocket pair… you definitely raised to light in my opinion, definitely would of went higher

  6. @mattsivits I don’t know what he had.
    Thanks for the input