Recent Reviews

Minimal Hours

A descent poker 'area', however the proximity of the poker tables to the table games is a bit close and their good... Read More

Glorified home game

A good chance you’ll sit down at the table with one or two employees there. The dealers will play while on shift if... Read More


Stopped in for the first time after playing a dozen times or so a handful of years back, the pace of play really... Read More

Dismal Room

I've been in the property a handful of times years ago back when the racing was still going on - stopped in again for... Read More

Big Room

Always try to stop into Hard Rock when in town - large room with action always going. Nice seclusion away from the... Read More

A room with no identity

Looking like Maverick came in with a big ole swinging @#$% again and gave all of the promotions a make-over. Must not... Read More

Best in Snohomish Easily

While I do agree with the long wait time comments from others, I try to avoid coming here if I'm playing after 5pm... Read More