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    how do you find payout for tounaments
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    I was playing 1/2 over the weekend. I had bought in for 100 and was trying to find a spot to make a play and chip up. The cards were def...
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    Just wondering if there is going to be another meet and tourney thats going to happen in the Spring sometime?? I missed the December one ...
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    So I went to Lucky eagle to play a little poker and unwind what I found was a nice looking card room with friendly dealers and such but m...
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Poker in Las Vegas

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Globally famous for its intense poker action, this desert city of Las Vegas is the vibrant gambling capital of the world. The live poker rooms in Vegas include leaders in luxury on an immense scale such as ARIA, Bellagio, Venetian, Caesars Palace, Wynn, MGM Grand and others.

With a calendar bursting with HPT, WPT and WSOP-Circuit events, the tournament poker pace never slows down in Vegas! Don’t think that we have forgotten the annual World Series of Poker either. Every summer, the world’s leading players descend upon the Rio All-Suite Resort and Casino to fight for bracelets and millions in cash.

The unrivaled stature of the Las Vegas poker scene is growing even further. Since 2013, visitors and residents of Las Vegas and everywhere else in the state of Nevada are able to play totally legal online poker on and other online poker rooms in Nevada.

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