PokerAtlas TableCaptain™ Poker Room Management System

Introducing the world’s most advanced, simple-to-use, and cost-efficient Poker Room Management System. The PokerAtlas TableCaptain™ will simplify your poker room operations, improve your player experience, and attract more players to your room by broadcasting your Live Action on PokerAtlas, the world’s largest network of live poker information. Move your poker room into the center of the action…or get lost in the shuffle.

TableCaptain™ is designed and priced to add significant benefits and ROI to any size poker room by lowering operating costs, increasing revenues, and improving player experience. Whether you need a complete enterprise system for 200 tables, or only a Waitlist Management or Tournament Management system for 2 tables, TableCaptain™ is your perfect solution. Every TableCaptain™ system connects to PokerAtlas to display your real-time waitlist and tournament action to our 2.5+ million annual poker player audience - driving more players to your property!

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