Dominican poker trip

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Looking online and cost of living so cheep in the Dominican. Now see several casinos with poker rooms. Would imagine the games would be soft. Anyone play out there? If so would like to hear about it. Thinking of heading out there for a month or two.


  1. I stayed at Hard Rock Dominican Republic and played poker there, last May, 2016.

    First, the trip. The Hard Rock is fabulous. Gorgeous beach, fun pools, very nice restaurants. It was a perfect anniversary vacation with my wife.

    Second, the golf. If you happen to make it to Hard Rock, check out their golf course. It is a fabulous golf course and very challenging.

    Now, the poker room. Let me start by saying that Hard Rock was the only place I played poker in the DR. All the resorts are rather far apart from each other so it isn't very practical to travel from one resort to another, unless you want to sped a lot of money on a cab or you want to rent your own car. Driving in the DR is insane, so I didn't want to rent a car. I guess if you are staying out there for a prolonged time, you will have a car. Be careful. Anyhow, I picked the Hard Rock because I read that they had the best poker room in the DR and had the room with the lowest rake. So that is where I selected for our vacation.

    In a word, I would describe poker in the DR as *expensive*. The rake at the Hard Rock was ridiculous, and I believe they have the lowest rake on the island. I'm sorry I can't give you an exact number, I don't remember, but it is way worse than any casino in Vegas. I wanted to play a 1/2 NLH game, but that wasn't available even though they advertised it. Rather, the lowest game they spread was 2/5 NLH. So I played 2/5 NLH on multiple nights, and had a good time, came out okay on a few nights but never made any money. The competition actually was pretty stiff while I was there. Mostly the same players for 3-4 nights in a row (me and the others who were staying at the resort). Typically they would fill 1-3 tables. Most players were foreign (not American, some European, several Russia or South America) and several languages were spoken and permitted around the table. Betting was pretty aggressive. Average pot was about $75 or greater.

    I wanted to play their weekly tourney on Wed night while I was there, but they didn't get enough players to hold a tourney so I wound up playing cash instead.

    Overall, I was thrilled with the DR but a little disappointed with the poker, at least when compared to Las Vegas. I think I will stick to Vegas for poker, and go to the Caribbean for the beach and the golf.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I will stick to vegas.

  3. @Goodshoe I am looking to retire in a few years and i have been looking at Cambodia, it is so cheap , weed is not illegal, the beaches and girls. I hear it has some good games and they use the USD so you do not need to convert your money. Plus Thailand is right there for a quick get away