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Just got home from 5 nights in vegas. Stayed downtown this trip and planned to play there. Binions poker room is struggling to get any action going whatsoever. The one tournament I saw they did get going only had 8 players. What happened to the birthplace of the WSOP?


  1. I suspect all the new card rooms have eaten up all the action while the poker economy has contracted. The sentimental history can't bring in players without a nice hotel & amenities. The Nugget seems to be doing OK.

  2. It's old, dark and dirty. Walk across the street and play the Nugget. Too many better options either on the strip of downtown.

  3. They are really trying to get more action. The recent relocation was to try to get more pedestrian traffic so they can get more players. They are still working on the remodel. Today they did a video about the new room, you can check it out here:

  4. @robvegaspoker I'll be there Oct 11-15 I'll check it out. Thanks for the info.

  5. they can move tables, remodel, etc, but until they get new management in the room, it will continue to struggle. the current manager has been in charge down there for a number of years and look what has happened to the room. why this bozo still has a job in beyond me.

    it's clear that binion's has a inferior product when it comes to poker, but the product over
    at the nugget, their closest competition isn't that great either. for a competent manager,
    it should be easy to steal their business. do they really think "football squares" is going to save/build the room.