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pinkdawg wrote a review about WSOP-com (Nevada)

HORRIBLE Customer Service

I have had this account for a few years. I live in Nevada. I've had minor issues w/disconnects, not being in Nevada (really??), deposit rejections, etc.
However, one day, after depositing VIA PAYPAL DEBIT Card, I wake up to my apparently being a suspicious character. - Mind you, they, over the past few years, have received numerous deposits from me via various cc/debt cards.. Nothing more than 20-$50 at a time -

They ask for my ID (I remind them they already have a copy) every cc number used to ever deposit on the site, plus verification the pp account is mine (it's in my name). Ooh, and my social security card
And, they want me to reply with this info via email. So.. I call them.
I tell them I will not send any such data to a random email, but I'd be more than happy to run down to the Rio with all documents. THEY REFUSED that request, saying they needed it sent online (WTF???) I told them no, not gonna send that via email. They eventually sent a link to a "secure site", but I had Already told them to cancel my account, which they said they couldn't do because they needed to VERIFY me AGAIN. Plus, they didn't want to send it back to my PayPal.. So fricken stupid.
When you start winning is when they give you $hit.

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