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PkrComps wrote a review about Avi Casino in Laughlin, NV

Beat the Boss -fun NL tourney, good cash games

If you are ever near Laughlin on Tues or Sat evening, stop by and play the $35 NL tournament, includes random bounty prizes, including $100 for knocking out Ray Coates, the 'golden-haired' poker mgr (a stockier version of Jack Nickalaus?). Seriously, he does run a fun cardroom, and this tournament is decent. It does fill up though, so if you are not 1 of the first 40 (regular and live players get first option to buy in at 6pm or so), then you might be an alternate.

Live games are generally the $2-6 Spread Limit hold'em, with a kill ($4-12, if someone wins 2 pots in a row, min $10 in pot won I think).

Good comp rate $1.50 hourly (highest in Lauglin area that I'm aware of), and fun daily promos.
AA cracked rules in Laughlin, and main competion is Riverside, Colorado Belle, and Harrah's. I have never played at the 'Bluewater in Havasu' or any of the Phoenix/AZ area poker rooms-but hope to check them out someday!

Also - High hand bonuses (common in Laughlin), both hole cards must play (pairs for 4K). $300 for Royals here, $100 for SF, and $25 or $50 for 4 kinds (same color hole pair pays $50). These quoted high hand rates may change, seasonally, if other promos in effect (i.e. - football and baseball season sometimes have other promos runnning). No BBeat here, though, but great comp rate.

Rake is ok, as in most Laughlin cardrooms, 2+1 blinds, and then p to 10% (so sometimes $5 total drop, $1 + 1 is for promos, if pot reaches $50).

Players here seem pretty solid, with some loose locals, aggressive raisers at times (men mostly), so be careful in those $4-12 kill pots!
Like most rooms in Laughlin area - daytime players are a little easier to play with (vs evening/nightime / weekend players).

So depending on your personal style of play, you'll either prefer nighttime action (with more swings in your stacks) or the easier, more predictable daytime playing group. Midweek, though, mostly older men/regulars, who are generally solid players.

Most play the 2-6 spread limit with kill; visitors or evenings, NL games do open up.

I think the games are less aggressive at CBelle (also with a 2/4 game), and here is similar to Riverside (all 2-6 spread limit or NL), imho.

Hotel rates sometimes can be discounted if you talk to Ray or other floor mgr on duty (after you play 4-8 hrs, esp if you plan to play daily over a weekend).

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