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knockknock wrote a review about Bankers Casino in Salinas, CA

The Experience under new management

1. The bathrooms are horrible. Even though they clean them. The design of them is old. This place should think about redoing them.
2. For poker play, you have poker players that know each other and then they like to check down amongst themselves but if you are someone they don't know they won't do the same. I see this on the table a lot and dealers don't do anything about it. New players need to watch out for this. I feel if your coming to play poker at Bankers it should be everyone vs everyone. People have to be alert with who they are playing.
3. Tournaments are ok. Seems like there could be a little improvement. Start on time, increase the buy-ins make it worth coming. If I want to win first place I want to win like $5,000 not $1,000-2,000. Playing against like 21 people vs 50 is a big difference.
4. Fruit flies. I order food and the fruit flies are still there. The first thing that comes to my mind is cleanliness. Why would a place like this have fruit flies? Something to think about when you order food.
5. The comps are a great.
6. Floor personal is great
7. Security is ok. I feel security should be a little more active here. Like make a little time during your shift and go walk the parking lots. Whether it's day or nights. I see people abusing the parking lots and security is not around to enforce rules.

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