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Duuuval wrote a review about bestbet Orange Park in Orange Park, FL

Dirty horse track full of crack heads

This place is hilarious. I have played 326 hours of 2/5 no limit at Best Bet Orange Park at the time of this review. The demographic of the area makes for very easy competition. There are crack-heads yelling at the horses on TV every day. If you can imagine the types of people the real casinos regularly kick out, it seems like they all end up at the dog track.

Players often buy in for the minimum. The rake is $7 when the pot is $40. (5+2). The rake is $5 out of a $20 pot (3+2). When you steal the blinds, Best Bet steals $2.

The bathroom stalls are so small that you can’t poop without your knee being jammed against the door. The stalls literally have like 8 inches of clearance between the toilet and the door. The urinals have no walls or privacy.

Overall, the dealers are mixed. There is a small group of dealers who take pride in their work and do a good job. There is one dealer who I believe works while high on meth every day.

The only comps that Best Bet offers to the players is a free bacterial infection if you touch your face while playing here. The chairs are blue, and made of plastic or vinyl. This helps to brew an unpleasant odor from some of the less hygienic people. Beverages are not free.

Dining options at Best Bet are mostly fast food. Fried chicken, grilled cheese, etc.. Food prices are fair. Candy, ice cream, hot dogs, and diabetes are available for sale from the concession stand downstairs.

Overall, I give Best Bet Orange park 1 and a half stars. Compared to other gaming establishments, Orange park struggles in nearly every department. I added one half star because if you live in Jacksonville and you are itching to yolo all your change on 10 cent supers with the Fo, there is no better place! God bless Florida!

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