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hman1694 wrote a review about Capri in Webster, TX

Capri regular Harris M

I was a former regular player at spades and started coming to Capri because of player friendliness. I played over 40+ hours a week at spades and the club never provided better deals on time or gave a free hoody away. As a regular at The Capri, I have been given more respect as a player than I ever had received at Spades. This is the best poker room in the area because of the amount of soft players, good action, amazing deals they provide for players. In my opinion, it is a poker room that caters to the players. Giving good deals on time such as 100$ for 30 hours, FREE entries in the morning, happy hour half time in the mornings, and best of all the room is very spacious.

I have seen some people mention things about house players and bad management but I have only seen improvement and it shows. More and more new faces and regulars are coming and the games have been getting better by the week.

I have never felt the need to make a review before and the reason I chose too was because the last review was obviously someone who dislikes ownership. Complaining about how much you get tipped from a hand by an owner is ridiculous, if you don't like your job nobody forces you to stay. Playing against the house is also a super far stretch, ownership plays on the table just like any other player. As a matter of fact one particular owner loses everyday.. so why would that be an issue to any player?!?!? And from my understanding when they put house players in the tournament, it is to get the tournament started, otherwise it would be cancelled, therefore that's in favor of the players once again. As a player in this area who has played at Spades from day 1 and also played at Capri, I just feel like the Capri gives you a better bang for your buck and is way more spacious, so I will continue to play here until someone can do better.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Capri Poker Room

🍽️🍔🍜No Door Fee, Free Food and Drinks provided for CASH playing members🍸🍻🍹
❤️ $100 High hand every hr from 8am - 12pm NLH only
❤️$20K NLH Tournament Customer Appreciation on April 27th 2024 @12pm
❤️ 1 FREE Entry for every 40 hrs of Live Play
❤️ NLH $15000
❤️ PLO $5000
❤️ ROE $1000
❤️ see duty floor for more details on BAD BEAT JACKPOT

*Tournaments are subject to change if necessary*
*Min 7 players in first 30 mins to start*
We are Hiring for all positions

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jtug wrote a review about Capri in Webster, TX

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