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Casino Del Sol is the larger of Tucson's two poker rooms and is the only one to offer no-limit-type games (technically spread limit since Arizona law limits any individual bet to $500, but this rarely comes into play for low stakes games).

I visited twice during a holiday weekend in the winter and found the games to be very disappointing. There are both 1/2 and 1/3 games which unnecessarily split the low stakes player pool. The 1/2 games I saw were full of short stacks (in one, only one of the other eight players had more than $200 and 5 had

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Start earning hours for Football Squares! 5 Squares max, 30 hours per Square. DOUBLE HOURS 12pm-12am every Tuesday and Wednesday. Visit the Poker Room for complete details.
Rolling High Hands
Every Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs 8p-3a.
Instantly win $50 with a qualifying high hand, win BONUS CASH if your hand remains high after one hour. If your hand gets beat BONUS CASH amount rolls to next hour! Visit the Poker Room for complete details
Crazy Cash Drawings
$200 Drawings every other hour every Friday! 10a-2a
Earn tickets by playing LIVE ACTION!

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