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bigdog63 wrote a review about Casino Del Sol in Tucson, AZ

No food poker

Nice but quite worn out poker room. The room is non smoking, but the smoke pulls in from the other areas of the casino.
The staff is excellent, friendly and forthcoming.
Room is worn out. Chairs are ok, but not adjustable or on wheels.
On a Sunday afternoon and evening there was only 1-2 NL and 2-4 Limit playing at 4 tables and one table at 1-2 Big-O.
Only regs.
No food. Due to some promotion, there were free food vouchers for regulars. Howevere there were huge lines at all restaurants, and not take out. So, there was no food at the poker room. Even the snack place in the bingo room hat a huge line.
Only available food were breakfast sandwiches as Starbucks

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Food and Drink

Announcements from Casino Del Sol

Now playing 7 handed!

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 12:00 p.m. - 04:00 a.m.
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 04:00 a.m.

APoker Weekly TournamentsA
Monday and Thursday @ 6pm, Tuesday and Wednesday @ 1pm and Sunday @ 2pm
$40 Buy-in, $5 Dealer Appreciation, $5 Add-on (after 6th round)
Call for complete details.

Pigskin Splash Pots
On Sunday and Monday nights during select professional football games splash pots will be awarded anytime the HOME or AWAY team scores!
Touchdown - $50 Field Goal - $25 Safety - $75

Tuesday and Wednesday Splash for Cash
September 8, 2020 - October 28, 2020
When three (3) Spades or Hearts appear on the flop, $25 will be splashed on the next hand.

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