I've played in casinos and underground rooms all over the country and I find this to be a very well run room. The only game where players are loud and argumentative is the fixed limit game. And I find the dealers are all at least competent and some excellent.

The 2-5 spread game is great - friendly players and depending on who is there on a given day very good action.

It beats talking stick 3-5 games on several points. 680 max bet at Del Sol vs 500 at Talking Stick and no cap on the number of raises on a street vs 3 raise cap at Talking Stick. But main thing is 2-5 game at Del Sol gives us a time rate of$7 per half hour instead of raking every pot and we are still eligible for promotions including BBJ. You won't find 2-5 time rate games at many if any other rooms. Anyone that cares about the impact of the rake can readily figure out what a real benefit time rate vs pot take really is.

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Announcements from Casino Del Sol

Start earning hours for Football Squares! 5 Squares max, 30 hours per Square. DOUBLE HOURS 12pm-12am every Tuesday and Wednesday. Visit the Poker Room for complete details.
Rolling High Hands
Every Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs 8p-3a.
Instantly win $50 with a qualifying high hand, win BONUS CASH if your hand remains high after one hour. If your hand gets beat BONUS CASH amount rolls to next hour! Visit the Poker Room for complete details
Crazy Cash Drawings
$200 Drawings every other hour every Friday! 10a-2a
Earn tickets by playing LIVE ACTION!

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