Gr8pokerproA wrote a review about Casino Rio Bogotá in Bogotá, Cundinamarca


There's only two poker rooms still running in Bogata. One is the Luckia horrible poker room. Dealers daily making mistakes that screw anyone that's an out of towner miscounting bets misreading the board you name it. The cashiers will try to short you when you cash out if you're a foreigner they did it to me 3 times. The floor guys are total idiots they will lie and say you cashed for more than the minimum if you lost. They offer a free plate that is a total joke once a day small scoop of rice and 2 oz of chicken. And that's the best thing I can say about the room. Games are not good action to say the least tight local and semi local players very few big pots. Games are EXTREMELY SMALL by American standards. With one big close to 25/50 cents USD and the other similar to.5/1$. I would give this poker room negative -5 stars if I could. Also be weary of collusion and the dealers may be cheating not sure how but seems likely keep an eye on them.
DON'T PLAY HERE PLAY ANYWHERE ELSE MEDELLIN IS GREAT. if you're stuck in Bogata play at the Rio it is a smaller room but the staff won't be trying to rob you from the moment you walk in till the time you walk out.
DO NOT PLAY AT The Luckia it is the WORST room I have ever seen in 20 years of being a professional poker player and I have written over a hundred very positive reviews about other poker rooms I have visited over the years.

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