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DanMontana141 wrote a review about Champions Club in Houston, TX

Excellent set up, worth traveling for.

I made my first trip to champions club from March 30th- April 2nd. Below are some pros and cons.

I'll start with the cons as this will be a very short list. I may chalk it up to being Easter weekend however there was not a huge selection of games during my stay. Typically one or two 1-2 table as well as one 1-3. There were also a couple heads up matches going on, as well as daily tournaments. I would have liked a few more tables to be open but again, it was a holiday weekend.

Pros- the service was excellent. From the floor supervisors to the dealers and wait staff. Everyone was more than happy to make sure the players feel comfortable and well taken care of. The food is very reasonably priced and much better than any room that I have been to outside of Vegas casinos. The hotel deal (play 8 hours and get a free room) is a huge benefit. I am from NY and this trip was less expensive than a weekend in Atlantic City. Hotel rooms are clean and nice and the bar downstairs is superior to most bars in poker rooms. Again, I think the low number of tables must have been due to the holiday because this place is a must visit for poker players. The action was excellent even with the limited number of tables. I was told that Texas games play bigger, and this is definitely a fact. The 1-3 games typically play like a 5-10 in the northeast. They have streamed games two or three nights a week if that is something that interests you. I was there on the off stream nights which could be another factor in the fewer open tables.

I play in rooms up and down the east coast and I can say that this is a place has the best set up to meet the wants and needs of its clientele. I urge anyone who considers themself a poker player to give the place a chance. It has everything needed to maximize the player experience. I can see this club continuing to grow and becoming a leading room in the area in the future. I look forward to going back.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Champions Club

$200 Morning High Hands

Win the high hand of the hour with a straight or better
Draw for your chance to win cash, tournament buy in chips, food comps, or hotel comps
Win with QUADS and the prize doubles
With with a STRAIGHT FLUSH and the prize triples
Win with a ROYAL FLUSH and get 5 times the prize.
both cards must play, must be $20 in the pot.
must flop the hand in plo.

Play 8 hours of live poker in a 24 hour period and qualify for a free hotel room.
Play 40 hours of live poker in a week and get 1 free night plus a $50 food voucher.

Thursday Night is Chess Night!!!
Every Thursday at 6:30pm
Casual Games
Great Food
Drink Specials

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