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Creeker wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

Horrible - horrible - horrible

Found myself in LA - decided I had to visit Commerce and see it for myself.
Where do I start?
Parking? Lot is atrocious to navigate with zero signage other than swaths of "reserved parking" areas.
No sign up desk for games - must be done thru a kiosk - no signage teling you where the kiosk is.
Can't sign up thru the kiosk without a players card - no signage of where to get a players card.
The tables packed into a space that makes it difficult to even walk around - and when they do announce your name and table - there is no signage to let you know where this table is (and when theres a 100 tables on an open floor - wandering aimlessly is a pain).
Saw new tables opened on at least two occasions - where they called 16+ players for a new table - the players that were not seated were bumped off the list or forced to the bottom. Had to get a floorperson involved to get this corrected as the "caller" had no interest in fixing it.
The tables themselves have video screens for some promotion/ progressive screen built in directly in front of the player - so your space for chips or cards is taken up by this and limits your use of the table.
The first rake is taken out of the blinds before the hand is even dealt - so there is always confused players regarding how many chips are required to complete bets.
Dealers skill varied from competent to "first day on the job" levels of inability to split pots or read hands.
The Commerce might be the big dog in the LA market - but based on rake, customer service, ambiance and employe attitude - this place wouldn't survive 10 minutes in Las Vegas.


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TheLane wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

No good

Unless you are a regular, be prepared to be treated badly. Even worse if you are a woman! I'm sure if you tip large... Read More