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dealton7ace wrote a review about Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, FL

Incredibly poor tournament decision

Monday tournament 12k Guarantee, $175 buyin. Most outrageous situation I have ever witnessed..
Player in seat one is playing pocket Queens, flop is 3s 6h Qs, betting goes along with a female player in seat 6 with Ks Js, when the turn comes 8d player in seat 6 bets 3500 units and seat 1 raises to 20K units, 3rd player in the hand folds and player in seat 6 tanks for almost +3 min then shoves all for a total of 25,300 units. Player in seat 1 has earbuds on and assumes he had her covered with his 20K bet and shows his hand. At that point the dealer stops the action and calls the floor. (I was told later the TD/ floor guy's name is Dennis and usually makes terrible calls.) Dennis listens to the dealer for what happened and decides on the spot, player 1's hand is "DEAD" and all chips go to player 6. No burn card + river, no penalty (usually 1 round), nothing. They say they follow TDA rules but, they make arbitrary decisions here that kill the game. If you want to play Mickey Mouse poker this is the place. I won't ever play there again no matter how good their tournaments are. Above is but 1 example of many severe irregularities I have witnessed and others I've been a victim of as well. Way better choices out there.. don't settle for unfair + unprofessional treatment at this dive.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Derby Lane Poker Room

Monday - Wednesday 10a - 4a
Thursday - Sunday 24 hours

March Tournament


** Every Sunday & Monday in March**
$250 Every 30 minutes With Roll-Overs 12pm-10pm
In addition to the Instant Pay

**SUNDAY 3/5, 3/12, 3/19 and 3/26**
$250 Every 30 min w/Roll-Overs 12pm-10pm
Sunday money, if not rewarded, will rollover into Monday!

Thursday- 3p-10p
$500 /30 min. (Pocket pair required) In ADDITION to instant payouts.

**Friday and Saturday 2P-10P**
$500 /30 min. (Pocket pair required) In ADDITION to instant payouts.

Instant Payout H.H. Paid During All Business Hours
1/2 NLHE win up to $300 with Star Power
Play 60 hours Sun - Thurs to unlock Star Power
Double Star Power Points Mondays and Tuesdays
See specific details

$1-$3 $200-$1,500 Buy-in
$2-$5 $500-$2,500 Buy-in
PRIME NLHE includes:
$500 Instant Pay during all hours.
$1-$3, $2-$5, 1-UP:50 hrs of play = $500 Redeemable the first of the next month.
$1-$3- $3/hr food/drink comp redeemable in 5hr blocks. Food comp does not roll over to the next day.
$2-$5- $3/hr food & drink comp, expires at the end of the following month
Min hand 4 of a kind or better using both hole cards with 4 play

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