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Calvin Rose wrote a review about Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, FL

Management shafted paid tournament players

On Monday, 2/14/22 I went to Derby Lane to play in their 6:30 pm poker tournament; $165 buy-in with 10k guarantee purse. As the deadline for entry approach (2 hours into tournament) there were fewer than 60 paid entries with a number of re-entries making up that number. There was discussion at the table about how many entries were required to support the 10k purse and whether it would be reduced because of the lack of turnout. No one expected what management did when we started playing after the break and after the entry period was over.
When break was over 20 plus players were pulled from cash games and given free entry into the tournament with the same opportunity to win the tournament as the players who had paid up to $330 to participate in the tournament. These players had no investment in the chips they received and played that way making it difficult for those of us who had been playing and accumulating chips for 2 hours. Two of the free pass players were at my table and one appeared to give his chips to his friend and went back to playing the cash game. Nobody at the table understood the decision made by management and those employees that said anything did not agree with what had happened either.
Financially it did not make sense: take players away from cash games where the poker room was collecting its rake and move them into a tournament where they did not receive any more income and tied up at least 3 more dealers that were collecting no rake and no tips.
I had read that it had poor management and many reviews indicated that they would never go back, I now agree with them. I will never play there again and highly recommend that you avoid this card room.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Derby Lane Poker Room

Monday - Wednesday 10a - 4a
Thursday - Sunday 24 hours
Christmas Eve we will be closing at 10p, and remain closed for Christmas. We will reopen on Monday the 26th at 10a Happy Holidays


December 10th & 12th
$4,000 an hour, $1,000 every 15 min. (Pocket pair required) In ADDITION to instant payouts.
See Specific Rules & Details.

December 24th [b]
$250 every 15 minutes, 12p-10p

[b] December 26th [b]
$250 every 15 minutes with rollovers, 12p-12a

Instant Payout H.H. Paid During All Business Hours
1/2 NLHE win up to $300 with Star Power
Play 60 hours Sun - Thurs to unlock Star Power
Double Star Power Points Mondays and Tuesdays
See specific details

**Monday - 3p-10p
$500 /30 min. (Pocket pair required) In ADDITION to instant payouts.

Thursday- 3p-10p
$500 /30 min. (Pocket pair required) In ADDITION to instant payouts.

**Friday and Saturday 2P-10P**
$500 /30 min. (Pocket pair required) In ADDITION to instant payouts.

$1-$3 $200-$1,500 Buy-in
$2-$5 $500-$2,500 Buy-in
PRIME NLHE includes:
$500 Instant Pay during all hours.
$1-$3 & $2-$5, 1-UP:50 hrs of play = $500 Redeemable the first of the next month.
$1-$3, $3/hr food & drink comp redeemable in 5/hr blocks. Food comp does not roll over to the next day.
$2-$5, $3/hr food & drink comp, expires at the end of the following month
Min hand 4 of a kind or better using both hole cards with 4 players dealt in

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