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51 Tables
Sunday-Thursday 10am-4am Friday 10am - Monday 4am
dmitchpimpin wrote a review about Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, FL

Standard room, below average competition, good food, decent dealers.

Been here like 10 - 15 times and have never left @#$% off over anything the card room was to blame for. Once I hit a straight flush to the king against 1 opponent, I had position and he checked the river, I went to reach for a small bet and he started to muck his hand prematurely so I said "@#$% it I check" and flipped my hand over. Right away a few players told me I just threw away my chance to win the high hand jackpot because I checked with the nuts on the river. I called the floor over, told him this was only the 3rd or 4th time I'd been there and had never played in a room that enforced a rule like that and that i was about to bet but checked because the other player began to muck his cards when i reached for chips. He thought about it briefly, ran it by another manager and awarded me the 400 dollar jackpot. I thought this was a solid managerial decision. If he had ruled against me I would never have come back there to play. It's a stupid rule anyways, there are plenty of players good enough to recognize that there opponent is not calling a bet on the river, not even a min bet, and putting out another bet right before flipping over a straight flush that's going to put 400 bucks in your pocket makes you look like a greedy @#$%. Not everyone there's purpose is to make money, some people are just there to have fun and socialize.

Announcements from Derby Lane Poker Room

Open normal hours:
Monday - Thursday 10a - 4a
Friday - Sunday 24 hours

Players and employees will be required to wear a mask. Everyone entering the building are required to have temperature checks upon entering.

April Player Rewards: Sunday - Thursday throughout the month of April play 30 hours at any limit and earn cash!
1/3 players and up earn $599, 1/2 and Micro earn $300
Limit 2 per player, must have qualified once in March to be eligible for our April Player Rewards Promotion: $599 for 30 hours player!!!!

April Live-Action Promotions

Feature Promo:
Easter Weekend
Sat/Sun 2p-10p: $800 Every 30 Min

11a-4p: $599 Instant Pay
7p-11p: $1,200 Every 30 Min

Tuesday and Thursday
10a-12p: $500 Every 15 Min
8p-10p: $500 Every 15 Min

11a-4p: $1,200 Every 30 Min
7p-11p: $599 Instant Pay

10a-4p: 5/2/1 Promo, Instant Payouts
4p-11p: $599 Instant Payouts

Stimulus Saturday
12p-8p: $1,200 Every 30 min
8p-10p: $500 Every 15 min

12p-4p: $500 Every 15 min
6p-10p: $599 Instant Payouts

April Feature Tournaments
H.O.R.S.E. Tournament: Tues 3/6 6:30PM $200 buy in w/$3K GTE

Daily 1PM $55 Buy-In w/$1K GTE
Play FIVE Promotion: Play 5 1PM $55 Buy-In Tournaments and Receive Your 6th one Free!

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