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egnarodude wrote a review about Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, FL

Threw Out Player's Card.

I have given the derby lane a number of chances.... and have decided after this evening that I will not be returning. My main issue is with the floor managers and their clearly automatic behavior towards resolving issues with hands at the tables, and with solving disputes with players. I have seen a multitude of hands where say a player went to call using their chip stack, dropped a call over the line, but because the player was holding more chips in hand than they dropped for their call, the floor had decided that the total amount of chips hovered over the line were to remain in the hand, EVEN WHEN the table UNANUMOUSLY agrees that it was clear that the player obviously did not intend to raise (I was never the player that made this poor move in this example). I have also had experiences where because I've been conversing with another player at a different table than mine for a minute or two that I was aggressively asked to leave. Upon respectfully asking what I had done wrong, and what I can do to curb the behavior in the future, the floor manager responded with no answer, and simply asked if he needed security, as if I was posing a threat. There is no polite way to respond to this, because when asked "Do I need to get security?" the obvious answer is "No, and I am happy to vacate the area...." but when you begin to continue with "and could you please tell me what I've done wrong so that I don't do it in the future" it is met with, "Okay...... SECURITY" it is painfully clear that there is little value on retaining a player base.... Their mindset simply seems to be..."I mean... where the @#$% else are you going to play poker you degenerate..." to which... I have several places I can play otherwise thankfully... and will do so from now on. After leaving the poker room this evening, I threw my Derby Lane Players Card out of my wallet and out the window of my car.... and feel much happier for doing so. Do not play here.... go to Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, or maybe Silks in Tampa. One Eyed Jacks in Sarasota is a great place to play as well.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Derby Lane Poker Room


$3,000 EVERY HOUR 12P-8P
Memorial Day May 29th
Tuesday May 30th
Wednesday May 31th

$1,000 on the top and bottom of the hour,
$500 on the :15 and :45 of the hour
(Pocket pair required) In addition to instant payouts

Instant Payout H.H. Paid During All Business Hours
1/2 NLHE win up to $300 with Star Power
Play 60 hours Sun - Thurs to unlock Star Power
Double Star Power Points Mondays and Tuesdays
See specific details

$1-$3 $200-$1,500 Buy-in
$2-$5 $500-$2,500 Buy-in
PRIME NLHE includes:
$500 Instant Pay during all hours.
$1-$3 and $2-$5 Play 50 hrs get $500
Redeemable the first of the next month

$1-$3- $3/hr food/drink comp redeemable in 5hr blocks. Food comp does not roll over to the next day.
$2-$5- $3/hr food and drink comp. Expires at the end of the following month.
Min hand 4 of a kind or better using both hole cards with 4 play

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