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Datguy87 wrote a review about Downstream Casino in Quapaw, OK

Fun times

I played at one of the 1/2 NLH cash tables. I bought in 100$ shy of max buy in. (300) The table was full many of the players and dealers knew each other by name. A few of the local players already seated had well over the max buy in, however they didn't use this advantage too aggressively and allowed me to play for hours without too much pressure. I did notice however that the locals would call their friends on risky bets while folding to out of towners unless they had clearly the best hand. They were good guys and fun to bull @#$% with I will be going back again. The waitresses were timely and respectful the dealers were professional and entertaining. The room is sealed from the rest of the casino and no smoking is allowed. All in all It was a very relaxed atmosphere and lots of fun.

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Announcements from Downstream Casino

**High Hands on -- Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday in August and September** Win cash or seats into the 50K GTD Satellite's (6 seats given away each day!)**

A** Satellites into the 50K GTD event will be Saturday September 23 and 30 @ 3pm, Friday September 29 @ 6pm, and Wednesday October 4 @ 6pm. $150 entry fee with 1 in 5 advancing to the 50K GTD event.**A

** We will have a 50K GTD Event the first week of October! $500 Buy-In with three flights Thursday October 5 at 6pm, Friday October 6 at 6pm, and Saturday October 7 at 3pm. Everyone that moves on to Sunday October 8 at 2pm returns in the money. We will allow double bagging!! With your best bag advancing and any additional bags will be paid out by chopping the prize pool between everyone that had multiple bags. (Please ask poker management any questions you might have!)

(There will not be any high hand promotions on September 1, 2, 3, 29, 30.)

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