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Samwhitch wrote a review about Downstream Casino in Quapaw, OK

MAGA room:

I normally go to Tulsa when I play but been to this room a few times over the last few years. It's a shame but they cater to the MAGA crowd and if you are not a white male I would consider going somewhere else.

Multiple people wore MAGA hats and discuss QAnon crap at the table.
I've heard a few players call the black dealers racial slurs when they leave the table and since they are regulars I guess the Casino cares more for their money than protecting their employees.
Fox News is always on the TV.

The majority of the casino itself does not require mask so most of the people playing slots do not wear mask. @#$%, most of the people do not even wash their hands when using the restroom. The poker room itself does require mask but its common to hear players moaning about how its all a hoax.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Downstream Casino

**Monday July 3, 2023 we have a 5K GTD tournament at 3pm to kick off the 15 year anniversary festivities!!! Don't forget to buy your tickets to the concert as soon as they go on sale as they will not last long!! Fireworks to follow.**

** Saturday May 6, 2023 we have a 10K GTD with a $250.00 Buy-In **
** Saturday June 3, 2023 we have a 10K GTD with a $250.00 Buy-In **

** Saturday May 20, 2023 we have a 5K GTD with a $150.00 Buy-In **
** Saturday June 17, 2023 we have a 5K GTD with a $150.00 Buy-In **

** We will have a 30K GTD Event at the end of July! $350 Buy-In with three flights Thursday July 27 at 6pm, Friday July 28 at 6pm, and Saturday July 29 at 3pm. Day one will play 20-minute levels and Sunday when everyone returns in the money the levels will be moved to 30 minutes. We will allow double bagging!! With your best bag advancing and any additional bags will be paid out by chopping the prize pool between everyone that had multiple bags. (Please ask poker management any questions you might have!)

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