(269) 660-5631
Minimum Age:
Poker Tables:
13 Tables

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Venue Type
Hotel & Casino
Rewards Program
Red Hot Rewards Club
Comps & Promotions
$0.80/hour comp rate.

FireKeepers Details

Covid-related protocols:
• Social distancing between each of the 13 tables;
* A maximum of 6 players per table;
* Facial covering over the nose and mouth required at all times;
* Due to limited capacity, call-ins are not available. All poker seating will be first come, first served;
* Use of hand sanitizer is required upon taking a seat and/or returning to a table;
* Once a guest has been added to the wait list, they must leave the immediate area;
* Spectators are not permitted in the poker room;
* Guests will be directed to take a seat once the seat and table rail have been properly cleaned and sanitized;
* No play overs or meal breaks;
* Absent players will be picked up after two missed blinds or 20 minutes; whichever comes first;
* Second-Man-Walking: Any time a player is absent from a table, the next player to get up is given a button and informed that they must return before their next blind or their chips will be picked up. The vacated seat will be awarded to the first person on the wait list;
* Must move games will not be utilized; management will control seating to preserve the viability of existing games;
* No food or eating in the poker room;
* Beverage service will be available. Masks may be pulled down or to the side and must be replaced when not actively drinking.