FLB Entertainment Center formerly Folsom Lake Bowl

cjbertelli wrote a review about FLB in Folsom, CA

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1 star for friendly wait staff and good happy hour prices, 1 star for three friendly and helpful dealers and a floor person who is friendly and helpful as possible. No stars for room management. I had a dispute during a hand where I admittedly misunderstood the action that happened before me. A player threw three $5 chips (from a stack of over $300) into the pot. Apparently, he said all-in but I didn't hear it. It was a very loud evening where the poker room was full and the bar just outside was also loud so I had an earbud in one ear trying to limit the distractions. The player very well could have said all-in and I didn't hear it but the dealer did not ask the other player to move more chips in the pot, give him one of the all-in buttons or make any other visual action to correct that player's bet. I ended up moving three $5 chips in to the pot, thinking I was calling the bet. Long story short, floor enforces the all-in and in a subsequent email with a decision-maker I was told that they believe me when I said I misunderstood the action and that my intent was to call $15 but, unlike most card rooms, they have a zero tolerance player mistake policy, if you make a mistake, it's on you regardless of intent or obvious misunderstanding. If this is what you like, this is the place for you. If you want a card room that more closely follows Robert's Rules of Poker, definitely go somewhere else.

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