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9 Tables
Mon-Tue-Thu-Sat-Sun, 10am-close. Wed, 8:30am-close. Friday, 9am-close.
  • Golden Nugget Atlantic City

I know they re-opened because of the on-line stuff but it really hasn't changed much.

It's a nice room, the staff is very friendly but after that....

Problem is the traffic is so low. And the players coming in are average at best. I would imagine they're at other places.

I do have to give them credit - they are doing a rake-free cash game promo. If you have a steady group of players you play with it might not be a bad idea to go play there to save the rake. This got them up to a 3 in my rating.

I hope things improve in terms of traffic but it really isn't a bad room. Just quiet.

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