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bowlingfool wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

2 yrs later - still gotta love drunk fish!

ok, I submitted a review of the GN poker room back in Sept 2005, when it had been moved from the pool area but before it's current location. The current location over by the bar and keno lounge is much better. Being tucked behind the bar cuts down on some of the excessive noise, which I had found distracting in my 2005 review. Current room is much more cramped, but a lot more plush.

Just like in '05, this will focus on the drunk fish that made the game profitable. Back then, my review focused on one REALLY super drunk guy just giving money away. This time around, I was lucky to have at my table a very nice older guy who was probably worth a ton of money (told us stories about what the casino hosts had been getting for him during his current trip) and had won almost $20k at the BJ tables, but who admitted, "I have no idea what I'm doing at a poker table...." He had a wallet full of money, a good meal & several drinks in him and was there to have a good time. I chatted with him for over 2 hrs and even when I took almost $300 from him in one pot ($1/2NL game), he was still having a good time and kept buying more chips. Gawd I love poker in Vegas!!

Every dealer I encountered was very good until the last one of the night. The last guy was probably kinda new as he made several small mistakes during his entire down. He was a little slow to determine the winning hands, had issues creating side pots, etc.

Waitresses were fine. Not quite as good looking as the ones I saw back in '05, but did a good job of getting our orders and came around fairly quickly.

The guys running the show did a pretty good job of trying to get games filled. Quick with getting more chips for players who needed re-buys. I did have a small issue with the way the button was handled in my game - dead button vs. forward moving button, but since I didn't stay much longer, I didn't demand an explanation from the floor guys.

Not sure about most of the comps since I didn't ask. But, did see one player at my table show quad Jacks to qualify for a high hand bonus. The floor guys payed him out pretty quickly, so I'll give them high marks for that.

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