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MichMadDog wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

Excellent downtown poker

Very nice tables and chairs. It's not really a separate room, but it was off to the side enough so that you could concentrate without undue distraction. It had a classy, upscale atmosphere

I played at the $1-2 blind no limit, no maximum buy-in table while the WSOP was in town. One of the players was from England and had made the overalls of one of the limit events. Another had played in the Main Event for several years. The remainder seemed to be a mixture of locals and tourists, all of whom basically knew what they were doing, some of whom seemed to be quite good. I've played low limit no limit for about 15 hours a week for 6 months, so I wasn't intimidated, and the players were fairly friendly. I thought that I was as good as or better than most of the players, but the quality of play was high. I suspect that I may have gotten a tougher crowd than usual, and that things may be easier when the WSOP isn't in town. I ended up doing quite well moneywise, and it is a game that can be beaten by a solid player, but I would not recommend it to a novice or someone who can't consistently beat a 5-10 or better limit game

Poker dealers are like baseball umpires; when they are doing their job best you don't notice them. That's the way it was here. No flipped over cards, no misread boards, just quiet, competent dealing.

I wasn't really drinking, so I didn't notice anything particularly memorable about the cocktail waitresses other than that they seemed to come around periodically, and I don't remember any grousing from the players.

Management did a good job of keeping the games running. When I played there was no waiting list, and the staff showed me to my seat and cheerfully answered questions. I also played in the morning tournament twice, and they did a good job of running the tournament smoothly

No free food or jackpots. One redeeming feature was that the snack bar is right next to the poker area, so food is readily accessible, even if not free or comped

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