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Nallaz wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

Floor Person

To keep this short I am just going to summerize the event. I was playing in a tournament in their Grand Ballroom.

A player to my left was texting and holding his hands over the table blocking my view of the table. I asked him politely to move his hands back. He asked me if I was in the hand and I told him I wasn’t and the said he wouldn’t.

Shortly after I won a hand against him and he flung a handful of chips across the table obviously very upset. Then the dealer asked him to give the him larger chips to pay me. He refused and just shoved in his whole stack. The dealer told him to calm down and by this time a floor person was standing behind the dealer. He called a penalty for his behavior but the player kept asking why. The player never left his seat then sheepishly the floorperson said why don’t you just take a smoke break. He never did.

On the next break I complained to the tournament director and the floor person came over and totally lied about the whole event. Mean while the tournament director never said a word.

The only one that handled it correctly was the dealer.

I usually play at the Wynn, this would have never happened there. The player would have been escorted out of the casino.

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