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JoeD wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

Good Looking Room

The room is very nice, looks good, looks like a poker room. The chairs are a bit small for my large rear and gave me sore back after a few hours. Small low tech room, tables are very tight, hard to get out and moove around in.

Competition was loose and easy, as mentioned before mostly tourists and a few average locals. Good place for the casual palyer to have some fun and not get into trouble.

The dealers were below average for such a nice room at the nicest downtown resort, only downtown "resort" property.

Good quick service, bar just outside the room, was never without a cold drink.

Wasn't impressed. I didn't care for the loud barking, hollaring across the room, during the tournaments. The floor man would be at the podium and bark out instructions to the tourny dealers and/or other dealers throughout the room. At times his "humor" was actually pretty rude and disrepectful to the staff. I probably wouldn't put up with his attidude too long and find employment else where if I could. This probably contributes to lack in quality of the delaers they do have.

Also the seating of palyers management was quite lacking as far I am concerned. I arrive about 11am was third on the 1-2nl list. They were trying to get a 2-4lh going so I sat down. Well over an hour later they have opened at least one new 1-2nl game, people from the tourny, and are now making casino wide annoucemts for open seating at the 1-2nl game. I had to ask twice to get a 1-2nl seat. I guesss they forgot they had a list!! Thought I was being a nice guy to sit at the 2-4lh to help get it started but then they left me hanging.

After about five hours of play (min 4 hrs) I got my $10 comp went to the Grill nad had nice burger with steak fries. I was told they will also comp your parking if you park in their parking garage. If you can plan your day to play for a while then eat later it works out well.

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