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  • Golden Nugget Las Vegas

I really like the overall vibe of this room. It's fairly sedate and very comfortable. Great seats and the tables are in great shape. Lights are dimmed a little, but it is not hard to see. TV's on all the walls.

I played mostly 2/4 and some 3/6 while there. The 2/4 game was mostly rocks. Not a great play. The 3/6 game mostly ran at night and was a better play.

All the dealers were solid. No major errors that I noted.

Ok - this is the rub. No red bull. No top shelf liquors. I asked for scotch and got Jack Daniels - seriously.

Room was well managed and games were started promptly. List was managed well.

After four hours of play, you can ask for a 10 dollar food voucher. I got several of these when I was there. 10 dollars will cover the breakfast buffet which is outstanding.

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