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ReeRaiz wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

Good room, but could be much better

Overall room quality is good. The tables, chairs, and basic look of the place is excellent. However, it is oddly shaped; players will be squeezing by you if you are in certain seats. Also, the check-in desk is off to the left in a spot that is not conducive to either the player, or the management. The vibe is above average, and the problems are mostly geographic. An excellent effort with what they had to work with.

Mosty 1/2 NL with no max buy in. The play here is below average relative to other rooms, but can be tough to beat without a lot of patience, as they play crazy. If you are willing to change your game to one of just trying to make money a little at a time, instead of all out will do fine. It is a trap game, where bad beats can creep up and kill your earnings.

Just average dealers, as expected. Friendly enough and solid with basic dealing, but if any issues arise, they are not ready for them.
I had one dealer take a stack of mine and put in up to another players stack as a means of counting it. When I confronted her for not counting down one of the stacks, she said that "it takes too much time". I complained that if one of the stacks were to fall into the other, nobody would know how much was in each one..creating a huge issue. She argued with me, and I was stunned. I also said that I would like to know how much I lost in the hand (we were both all in), so one stack should be counted. She acted like I was crazy. This would never happen in a good poker room. They would never not count down one stack before comparing to others if it were the casino's money, or their money, but certainly didn't seemed concerned when it was the players money. I consider dealers with this attitude as lazy, or ignorant.

I could throw a nerf ball and hit the bar, but there seemed to only be one waitress for the whole room. The slowest I have seen in Vegas. Went through 3 waitresses; 1 okay. 1 indifferent. 1 absolutely horrible. All were slow, but 2 of the 3 didn't even acknowledge tips, etc. Surprisingly poor, and noticed by everyone at the table.

As stated above, the desk is in an odd place, giving them a poor view of the room and players. No digital lists, so a bit hectic, but they seemed to put in the effort. Much like the room in general, they don't have much to work with, so hard to judge them.

No poker room rate. No hourly comp. IF YOU ASK, they will give you a $10 GC for the buffet or grill, after 4 hours of play. It must be used that day. (they were already closed when I received mine, so basically useless unless you are staying at the Nugget)

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