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  • Golden Nugget Las Vegas

The sunday $125 tournament is well structured with a good starting stack and when i played we had over 70 runners meaning a nice pay out if you manage to reach the final.
Overall the standard is pretty poor the odd good player but most think if they have 1 pair its the nuts.

One thing that i hated though is the amount of slow rolling that goes on its unreal.
One instance two people go all in an older gentleman quickly turns over AK the other @#$% takes a good 2 mins of head shaking and prompting from the dealer to turn over his cards, which he eventually does to reveal AA. This does seem to be the norm for vegss though (slow roll city).

But all in all if you no what you are doing you should make a good and deep run as the field is 90% players who have no clue what they are doing.

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