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jshirem wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

Great place for low limit players.

The Poker Room at the Golden Nugget was very comfortable. The tables and chairs were in like-new condition. They weren't very ornate but they were comfortable for 10 players.

The level of competition at the low level games($2/$4)was a pretty good range of skill. There were several college kids that couldn't quite understand the concept of checking instead of folding when first to act. The majority of players were a little older and a little more experienced. In all it was a pretty loose passive room.

I'd like to give the dealers at the Golden Nugget a 4, and I would if not for a single dealer that several times dealt the next card without waiting for all players to act (what a horrible way to give a free card). On more than one occasion this same dealer would push the pot to the wrong player. But like i said, it was one dealer that brought down my overall opinion of the dealers.

I wasn't too concerned with the cocktail service, but it seemed like the waitress came by about as often as the dealer button.

There was always a $2/$4 game when I was looking so I didn't have much need to interact with the management but they seemed like they had it together...they kept the tables full.

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