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snipersham wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

Nuggets are there! Seek them Out...

Room quality was good, being situated directly in the hustle and bustle of the casino i thought the noise would be a problem but once your in a hand your power of concentration takes over and drowns out everything else except the table. Situated close to the snack bar so is handy for a quick bite alas, you cant eat at the table so you sacrifice precious card time to feed ur hunger pangs. The room has 8-10 tables hosting 2-4, 4-8. and no-limit and tables are of good quality. The walls are adorned with pictures of the main players at the heads up tourney played there in May'05. Room is very clean and is attended to at regular intervals

I taught i'd start off with some 2-4 limit to ease myself into the action, this lasted for one day as i got a pain with people hitting their 10/1 and 33/1 to beat me on the River, the trouble with 2-4 limit is that it's so cheap to stay till the end plus most of the tourists were all calling stations so re-raises where few and far between. Plenty of Locals at each of the playing levels and very easy to spot. Made the switch to 4-8 and eked out approx 50-100 dollars in front for most of my 2 hour stints (i realise 2 hours is nowhere near enough but when u have to split ur time up between poker and keeping ur wife happy it becomes sort of a compromise). Played some no-limit there with a mix of tourists and local and oh yeah...Joe Hatchem the 06' world champ sat down for a few hands , never got in a hand against him but it was interesting watching him in action.

Dealers were good overall, a few mis deals and pushing of pots to wrong players but overall good and called for cocktail waitresses when someone became empty even without prompting.

Waitresses ranged fron the attractive to the middle aged lady who you could see was a looker in her time. Drinks were prompt but NO RED BULL, NO RED BULL , NO RED BULL!!!.

room was managed by some excellent people who tried hard to get a game filled with constant announcing, were quick to get you chips when u sat down and were pleasent in every repsect. Tourneys appeared well run though never played in one. My one gripe though it's not there fault the room completely dried up from 4am till 10am the next morning, left me heading to binions at that hour.

4 hours gets you a voucher to the excellet buffet

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