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I bought in with $100 at one of their limit tables and lost all my chips in 10 minutes of play. My first hand, I got dealt pocket Aces. I lost the hand, my pocket Aces didn't hold up, no biggie, "it happens" was my train of thought, then, the very next hand I was dealt (Ace-King). The flop came A,A,8 and my (Ace-King) lost because the lady to my left had pocket 8s. I lost maybe $50 on this hand because we kept raising each other. Two hands later I lost the remainder of my chips when my full boat lost to quad 3s. There was only one 3 in the flop. The turn came a 3, and the river was a 3. I had pocket Queens which gave me a boat, but once again, the lady to my left had a 3 to give her quads and beat my full boat. All this happened in 10 minutes of playing! I played only 3 hands, pocket Aces, a set of Aces with a King kicker, and a full boat, and lost all three hands and it has nothing to do with my level of play. I have been playing poker for 20yrs, purchasing two vehicles with poker earnings. I lost $100 in 10 minutes of play in a LIMIT game, playing only premium hands! Casino's don't want to be cheated, but are cheating YOU!!!!!

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