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hoops00 wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

Some good some bad

OK first with the good. One of the few places that offers 2/4 limit poker which i like to play on a budget. They also only seat 9 to a table instead of the usual 10 so it is not as cramped. The high hand jackpots are different for each 4 of a kind and straight flush and resets at $50 when hit. It goes up by $50 for each every day it is not won. It also doubles between 2am and 2pm. I was just there for days thurs-sun so got weekday and weekend action. There was always a game no matter what time of day. Rest rooms very close and a great grill restaurant to get cheap large portions of food that you can eat at the table. Drink service comes frequently. Dealers very knowledgeble. Action very loose. Guys chased straights and flushed to the river no matter what the bet or raise even if only holding middle or low pair.

The bad - not sure when this description was written but those velvet chairs are not there now. Locals keep saying new ones are on the way. Now that i brought up locals it was rediculous how much favoritism that locals were shown. The house allowed locals to just get up and move from table to table as seats opened. They also gave favoritism when there was a list. Rules did not apply to locals and i saw many times where someone would fold and much their cards then realize there wasn;t a bet then take their cards back. Single chip raises accepted with out saying raise among other things. TONS of seniors playing and it can make the action go VERY slowly at times. Locals are alowed to leave the table as frequently and for as long as they want.

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