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ChicagoSteve wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

Tight squeeze for pleasent play

A nice room set off with one wall open to the casino. Tables and chairs were good quality, but there was little room to maneuver to get to your seat. Welcoming to beginners.

This was my second time ever at a casino table, my first cash game. I left with my initial buy in of $100 at the 2/4 limit. At my table there was one shark, me and the rest were fish. There were 4 bust outs and 3 rebuys in 2 hours. The shark had tripled her chips while I was there - but they weren't mine!

Dealers were experienced and kept the game going. No mistakes and nice people.

This is a knock on beverage services planning. There was one CW for the entire room plus a tournament. They should have scheduled at least 3. She was running her tail off, but we saw her once in 2 hours. Like almost all of the GN's CW, she was smokin hot.

Being Friday night of March Madness, some players started drinking early and started to get out of hand. Management came over and quietly had the offenders removed. By the time they hit the door the drunks were apologizing to management.

Didn't check into comps, but based on the room they've got to be OK, right?

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