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bowlingfool wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

too noisy - but ya' gotta love DRUNK fish

I was a fan of the earlier poker room that was over by the pool under the big tent. I'm definitely NOT a big a fan of the poker room being moved right into the casino. It's just too noisy. Other than the noise, the room itself is fine and the set-up seems to work, although the restrooms aren't very close.

This particular night was what all serious poker players dream about - a seriously drunk player that was practically GIVING money away. It was only a $4/$8 game, but this one guy was drinking Coronas as fast as they could bring them and buying rack after rack as fast as they could bring those. He was so bad, that as he would bounce from table to table, people would move to whatever table he did just to keep up with the cash giveaway. It was Christmas in September. Of course, this was only limit hold 'em, so the drunk did manage to win a couple of hands, once with a lowly pair of 2's. The look on all of our faces when he took down that pot was priceless!! We were all pretty much in shock! Of course, after that win, it just gave him more reason to keep raising pots with hands like 5-4 offsuit.

The dealers we had were all pretty good. Keeping in mind, they knew that the fish was paying off everyone. So, as long as they kept order at the table, they were gonna get tipped well from the people who were taking the drunk guy's money. Even the floorman spent most of his night sorta hovering around whatever table the drunk dude was at. It was kinda surreal at times.

The ladies that were working this shift, late Sun / early Mon, were all younger/good looking and seemed to work quickly. Being that that it was really late and only 2 tables were going, drinks came around pretty quickly.

The 2 managers I enountered were pretty good. The 2nd one took the responsibility of keeping an eye on the drunk for better part of 2-3 hours. When I cashed out, I asked him if the drunk was a regular and he said "no, never saw the guy before..." I appreciated the fact that he was willing to devote much of his time to keeping tabs on the drunk so thing wouldn't get out of hand, which they never did.

Didn't inquire about comps.

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