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shiki31 wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

very "home-game"ish...nice

one of the smaller rooms in vegas but still nice, especially for downtown. very comfortable seats, tvs on all walls, can get cramped but the room is never full. some downtown players are migrating to the nugget because the smaller games (1-2 nl and 2-4, 3-6 limit) have not been running at the plaza anymore. in any case, i love the nugget. it was my "home" for the entire time i was playing in vegas.

not much competition here. once in a while, there were some locals but no tough competition. the toughest guys were the "tourists." people willing to pay you off for good hands.

there were some great dealers and some terrible dealers. one dealer, harlen, was falling asleep in the middle of a hand. seriously. my friend and i played from 8pm - 7am for three days straight. on the second night harlen fell asleep. there was also a young asian girl who pushed the pot to the wrong player once. but overall, the dealers were competent and friendly.

average because the waitresses were pretty old (milf-ish) but were quick. there were some gems but most were old.

good management who made good decisions at key times. there was one player who was so mad because he had to move tables. he tore his cards up and was yelling at management. they handled the situation well and got the player out of the room and casino without any other major incident.

???did not inquire, although they do give comps for cigarettes at the blackjack tables which was great.

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