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VladtheImpaler wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

Very Pleasant Room

The room is nicely done up and cozy - personally, I enjoyed the small room feel and the quality furnishings. The only thing that detracts from the atmosphere is a few of the local players, whom I wouldn't want within 100 yards of me under normal circumstances.

The 1-2 game is widely considered one of the tougher in town. It is usually full of local "pros" - over the course of the 5 day stay, the same guys were there over and over... wearing exactly the same outfits. ;-) I would try to pick out a table with some tourists if you want to play 1-2 - don't sit down at the table immediately to the left of the entrance, unless you are a good player and are prepared to grind. The game is very trappy. Tournament competition is beatable - just as I am sure I was outgunned by the locals in 1-2, I am sure I was the best tourney player in every tourney I played.

The dealers are superb - most are very fast; all are friendly and chatty. Very enjoyable experience.

It was tough to get a drink on occasion, but the servers were mostly friendly and attractive.

Great guys, especially the night manager - I am sorry I forgot his name - Mike perhaps. Very helpful and professional.

My friend and I played a lot here and we got $10 food vouchers any time we asked. Perhaps the fact that we were friendly and clean-cut ourselves helped to dispose management in our favour. :-)

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