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Guzzachi wrote a review about Grand River Casino in Mobridge, SD


By far the best place to play poker it brings the fun back and eveyone is nice at Grand River Casino. 've played on this site irregularly for a couple of years or so.

I would say the positives about the site are:
1) Game variety. Many different forms of POKER available at all limits.
2) Software stability.

The negative though far outweighs the positives.

I consider myself an above average player and generally make the correct decisions statistically and get my money in with the best hand the vast majority of the time. I make reasonable money from the bricks and mortar POKER ROOMS I play in, but find it doesn't seem to work playing on this site. Incredulous bad beats seem to be the norm and often players (donks or whatever you want to call them) call all-ins with hands that I would systematically muck pre-flop and win the pot! Just doesn't make sense to me. I won't discuss the sites RNG as that would be inappropriate, but just make your own mind up about the reasons why a solid player can't win on this site. The reasons have all been documented elsewhere.

I've continually been so frustrated with the situation that I've today taken the decision to cashout my remaining funds, close MY ACCOUNT and look elsewhere.

If I were you, I would steer well clear of this site.


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