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elrodo wrote a review about Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby, BC

Needs Immediate Changes

There's a lot that can be said in critique of the poker room here at Grand Villa. I'll start off with the general things that need changing -- the tables themselves are dated, the felt needs changing and the chips themselves are absolutely disgusting to handle. They are clearly very old, with some chips still brandishing celebratory Chinese New Year logos from I believe 2015. Two players at my table the other night had $1 chips crack along the bezel. Apart from that, the room itself is very cheap and has a bit of a cramped vibe. I am happy to report that the staff are excellent with handling questions and being overall very friendly, but, I have unfortunately encountered a lot of the floor managers turning a blind-eye repeated times to guests that are disorderly, drunk and abusive.

Most notably, there was one player who was clearly drunk, unwilling to wear his mask after having been asked to multiple times, being a general drunken nuisance to others and speaking a foreign language to another player at the same table (this is not acceptable for obvious reasons of collusion). A highlight for this player in question is when he requested chips and had to wait for a little while until an Asian chip runner came to give him his chips, his race is important as the player decided it was acceptable to mock the chip runner for his race by uttering radicalized phrases towards the chip runner and putting his hands together as if he was praying. The chip runner was visibly frustrated but nothing was done. It was seen by a lot of individuals and when another player at his table stated his displeasure for seeing the abuse that had happened, the player whom had requested chips began being irate and uttering slurs towards him, as well as threatening violence by jumping over the table toward him if he, "wouldn't shut the f____ up."

I believe that it is the managers duty to give warnings and have the player leave the room. It was unwarranted ugliness and it could have gotten physical for no reason. The safety and well-being of all players and staff is paramount and that was complexly disregarded that night.

I am severely disappointed that no changes have been made to the poker room since the pandemic started--the pandemic was a silver-lining gift for the casino to make noticeable changes, but it seems that they do not care enough about the poker community to do so. I will happily be taking my business elsewhere until better management is appointed and the infrastructure changes.

I do not feel safe playing at peak hours at Grand Villa and I do not recommend any other players visit the casino until changes are made.

*I am open minded and willing to update my review if I am asked to revisit the casino when changes are made.*

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