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garyfurness wrote a review about Graton Casino in Rohnert Park, CA

post covid

i have played 3 sessions in the last 5 weeks, two at 4/8 LHE, one at 1-3 NL. All are 7 handed, and the floors
works hard to keep the seats utilized. Plexi glass between seats, 100% enforcement of masks worn properly, cleaning of seats/plexiglass when a player leaves.
The rake is high: $6 taken out at $20, 1$ more at $30 pot.
Dealers are friendly, floor is a lot friendlier than pre Covid.
Negatives: the rake, with plexiglass barriers very difficult to interact with others at the table.
Games ran fast, very, very little slow play. Last session
seat 2 continually showed his folds to seats 1 and 3, and I , in seat 7,repeatedly had to ask what he showed.
Dealers did not help here.
Positives: lots of action. I am not a very good player,
but NL netted $230, the 4/8 $170 and $470. I will continue to play about every other Friday afternoon.
No other card rooms are open in the Santa Rosa area, that I am aware of.
With the casino less crowded, the usual heavy smoke is
less of an issue too.

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seans wrote a review about Graton Casino in Rohnert Park, CA

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