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2:00pm - 2:00am
2:00pm - 2:00am
Jeverett wrote a review about Grey Eagle Casino in Calgary, AB

Buyer beware

I’ve been to this poker room about 40 times, Will never go back. Most times the room has 75% regulars. They all know each other and the dealers know them as well. I’ve often encountered small challenges because of this, but have mostly counted it as an advantage that no one knows me or my style of play. Tonight offered a different experience. Two regs were loving life all night, showing each other hands and making a deliberate choice to not compete in hands with one another. One was so bold as to remove the other gentleman’s button straddle because he didn’t want to be forced to go to 5 bucks. (We were playing 1/2 and they were beside each other) the dealer(s) watched this all night and nothing was said. At one point two players went all in pre-flop, a third player called and openly told the player beside Him to fold (his wife). She argued for a minute in Chinese with him an ultimately She folded. Multiple players brought this up to the dealer and they let the hand continue ... he won the hand.
I brought this up to the pit boss on my way out and he could not have cared less. Told me it was my fault for not calling out cheaters and even though his dealers see what’s going on they won’t do anything unless I complain. So ... when dealers see players cheating when playing blackjack they kick people out ... but in the poker room it’s up to another player to get them booted? Perhaps if the dealers weren’t friends with all the regulars they might call out some @#$% in the poker room?
I really don’t care ... there are much nicer places in Calgary to play. This one just so happens to be 3 minutes from my house.
Advice: if you want a fun and fair game of poker, go ANYWHERE ELSE. If you want to donate your money to the 30 men/women that play here every day ... then head on down!

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