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tidetoit wrote a review about Harrah's Cherokee in Cherokee, NC

You get robbed every time you play at Cherokee

There are several glaring problems with Harrahs Cherokee NC Poker Room. Here's the list of pros and cons. I'll start with the cons because there is only one pro:
1: The RAKE is grand theft. The rake is 10% of the pot up to $7 and an additional $2 for promotions for a total rake of $9. You get robbed every hand you play in this poker room. The rake is one of - if not the highest rakes in North America. The additional "Promotional rake" stakes a bad beat Jackpot of only $10K maximum for the top individual player payout while most other large franchise poker rooms are paying progressive full table payout Jackpots of $150K to $300K or more. THE RAKE AT HARRAHS CHEROKEE IS SO PROHIBITIVE IT VIRTUALLY DESTROYS YOUR ABILITY TO MAKE A PROFIT IN $1-$3 GAMES.
2. Buy in & add on limits. The primary game is $1-$3 and no matter when you buy in or add-on chips the maximum starting or add-on stack size is $300. So if you get stuck more than $300 in one of these games you can't get unstuck because you can't buy enough chips to fight back.
3. Horrible tables. Tables have a 4 inch wide recessed chip stacking area - the rest of the table is off limits for your stack. This creates serious issues about when a bet is a bet. The foul line is the upper table surface and that causes lots of trouble.
4. The poker room is small and the tables are jammed together less than 3 feet apart in a chaotic array that makes ZERO sense.
5. Buying chips and cashing out is a giant con for the room. On high volume days you have to wait10-12 minutes just to Buy-In or rebuy chips if you want to add-on. You cannot buy chips at the table and the cashier window is slow slow slow slow slow and the line at the cashier window is long long long long long. It is the worst poker room Cashier system I have ever seen.

Pros (1)
Cherokee is in the middle of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges on earth.

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