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You got bluffed wrote a review about Harrah's Laughlin in Laughlin, NV

Action City

Harrah's Laughlin has a great poker room. On my stay they offered a few 3/6 limit Texas Holdem games that were juicy for a limit game. They were full kill games, they also had a 4/8 limt with a full kill that was a monster games . The biggest game in the whole town was there 2/5 no limit, it was going everyday with lots of action. $100 to $500 buy in seemed small but was action city. They had 3 of them going on Friday and Saturday. They have a great staff of dealers and Floor staff was great . I played mostly at night, games went all night, as it got late in the night the no limits combined and action GREAT. Best place to Play by far in Laughlin NV.
They had a Tournament on Friday and Saturday nights that was new and puts a twist on the poker game. They called it Tournament of Chance. $65 Similar to Bounty tournament but a lot funnier in my book. Defiantly something to check out .
All in all Great room and Staff very friendly and knowledgeable floor staff. Seems like that is getting harder to find. Great place

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