(541) 485-0090
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Poker Tables:
9 Tables
Daily, 10am-close (will stay open as long as there is a live game).
MandMWSU wrote a review about High Mountain in Eugene, OR

Great local room

Was passing though Eugene and tried to hit up a tournament at Poker Lounge... it was empty. Then I noticed the High Mountain Poker Palace on PokerAtlas and gave it a go. Great deep-stack tournament (NL Omaha High) with a lot of quality players.

The cash game ($1/2 NL, or dealer's choice) was fun but broke up around 11pm. Very knowledgeable players. The table charge was a lot more reasonable than most rakes ($5 for an hour).

My main experience with low-limit poker rooms is in Seattle and those are filled with bad players. This place was great; tough competition and a great atmosphere.

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